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Eliminate Clogs With Hydro Jetting

Since 2000, Hydro Services has been providing exceptional hydro jet cleaning for residential and commercial drain pipes in the Houston, TX area. If you have recently noticed that your water is not draining as quickly as it once did then there is a good possibility that you have a clog in your drain that is restricting the water flow.


Hydro jet cleaning uses high pressure water at various spray patterns to cut through solidified debris and flush away the clog from the pipe.

Complete Drain Cleaning Services

  • Thoroughly clean all drain line types

  • Clean 1" to 18" lines

  • Remove roots

  • Grease removal

  • Restaurant drains

  • Sanitary sewers

  • Storm drains

  • French drains

  • Gutter drains

  • Some pool line cleaning

Professionally Clear Debris From Your Drain

with the help of Hydro Services flow restoration technique

We have over 50 years of combined experience!